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Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, UI, Illustration, Brand and Print

Recent Work

Hi there. I’m a freelance graphic designer, specialising in all things digital from beautiful websites, engaging user interfaces, mobile applications to online brands.

Based in Buckinghamshire in the UK, I have over 20 years experience working with agencies and technology companies of all sizes. During this time I have built a strong reputation for producing highly creative work within an often challenging technical landscape. In other words, developers like working with me!

I have a passion for typography, photography and illustration, and finding ways to combine it with all of the above, but more importantly what I really love is the process. The craft. Creating something, an experience, something that makes you stop and look and want to see more.

It isn’t all digital. I’m often asked to produce things you can actually hold, and its always a pleasure to do so.

Please take a look at some of my work. It’s quite varied, with clients ranging from property agents, garden designers, healthcare specialists, broadcasting legends ITV and Channel 4 to financial giants like Barclaycard. Hopefully something for everyone.

If you like what you see, call me on 07747 605 785, or send me an email


Web Design

Working seemlessly as part of a full scale development team or equally independently on small scale wordpress sites.

UI Design

An intuitive user interface is at the heart of everything I do, whether its for the web, mobile, TV or any other system or product that requires interaction.


Brand identity that works online as well as offline. I can design from scratch or work within existing brand guidlines to create a digital presence.


Business cards, stationary, posters, leaflets, flyers, brochures etc. While the majority of my work is screen based, I’m often involved in traditional print media.


Infographics, characters, panoramic scenes, pretty much anything. I can create high quality illustrations in vector or pixel based digital formats.

Image Editing

A keen amatuer photographer and an expert image editor. Having used Photoshop for most of my 20+ proffessional years there is little I can’t do with it. I can even remember when it didn’t have a layers palette.

Icon Design

A well designed icon set should be thought of as a service in its own right. Each one its own little brand mark. I can design these in a variety of digital formats.

Art Direction

I can offer consultation on existing design or creative direction on new projects.

Recent Work